Monday, September 16, 2013

Well, it's that time of year again&I've finally added knitting into my talents! :) I've made so many headbands and scarves, they all look fantastic! Thanks to Alyssa for modeling for me. Remember to contact me for any info on facebook or on cell, all info is on facebook. Thanks you guys ! Happy knitting !$12


Monday, July 4, 2011


*HAPPY FORTH OF JULY!!*              |********** -------------------------- 
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           AWWWWW I LOVE AMERICA!! AND CROCHETING! :) SPEAKING OF CROCHETING......... I HAVE TONS OF GREAT PICS AND THINGS TO SHOW! MY AUNT LORENA TOOK aMaZiNg PICTURES! :) BE A FAN ON FACEBOOK FOR LORENA TOMBLIN PHOTOGRAPHY NOW! become my fan now! click here> and also i have an etsy account and i will soon sell my thing there :) and here is all my photos on a smilebox :) >                    please like on our facebook profiles :)info on esty profile will be up soon!thankyou
-your creator, ashlee  

Friday, June 24, 2011


SuMmEr Is HeRe!!!! since summer is here i went to the store to get fun summer yarn colors :) so i went to micheals and found AmAzInG colors! so i wanted to start crocheting ASAP. so i found the patern i wanted and i started CrOcHeTiNg!! this is what i came up with......
these FuN and aDoRaBlE hats are so CuTe!!! they also match with EvErYtHiNg!theyre only 15$!   My little model, ellie wanted toshow them off :) >
it may look like they only fit on little 4 year olds but they actually StReTcH!! they fit any head! ( except for little babies..... sorry)

i also had FuN and made my own pattern for these aMaZiNg baby headbands!!! these go from $5-$12. but they are AdOrAbLe!! i have more i just havent taken any pictures of them.

also here's just some other pictures of some hats i have made.
< waldo hat is $12               fluffy baby hat is $12 >

     thankyou!!! love you all! - your creator Ashlee

Sunday, May 1, 2011

ANOTHER NEW CREATION!! :) and announcements!

sorry everyone i have not been able to write because of school and life. :) so i have an announcement the past month ago i was roaming around on the Internet and i decided i wanted to join Art on the Green. for anyone who does not know what that is it is where artists and creators sign up and show off their talents! :) there's also the Taste of Coeur 'd Alene which is were resturants and food courts come and have a booth there to show their food so u can eat it. this is held downtown Coeur 'd Alene. now i probably didnt explain it that well so heres a link for those of you who have an AMAZING talent i challenge you to join something like this! :) now time to show what ive done over the past few months :) and ther is more im just saving it till art on the green. so please come it is on August 5th, 6th and 7th thats on a friday, saturday and sunday. :) here are a few of my creations :) i was taking advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather that we were haveing today! :) lets hope it stays this way! no more snow!
the first thing i would like to show off is this WONDERFUL bag :)it holds TONES of things! its great for a beach bag or even just a regular hand bag! this is only 25$:) but wait theres more!
this colorful hat is great colors for the spring and summer for only 10$. :)
i thought this hat was just so cute! i think this hat is just so styleish for any girl only 15$!

now this hat is probably on of my favorite hats that ive made for a baby boy :) this dragon baby hat is so cute on any child for only 10$:)
now i made these flowers and i have more but i made these for people who want me to add them to their hat or peice of clothing or even to a pin for their hair! these are only 2$ if u would like them just separrate but if u would like them on a hat of mine they are included. :)
the last thing i would like to show off is this adorable baby kitten hat! its purrrrrfect for any occation for only 7$. thats all for now thank you to all my followers and my family for helping this happen! :) love your creator- Ashlee

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my new creation

I'm sooooooooooo super duper HAPPY!!! I was experimenting and i figured out these ADORABLE baby hats! :) im trying to figure out how to make little girl ones but ive just been so BUSY with school, homework, etc. so sorry i havent been posting for a while.the headband is $12 the octopus is $5 and the little girl hats are $7 :) hope you like them! :) i know i do! thanks! your creator- Ashlee

this baby hats is my FAVORITE!

Monday, February 14, 2011

OCTOPUS!!!!! and more headbands! :)

arent they cute?!?!?!?!?! :) tell me what u think. :) should i keep the bow or leave it? this lovely creature is only $5 dollars :) u can also tell me what u like because i want to know what my veiwers like, pokemon,mario bros, ANYTHING! i pobably can make it. :) my little stuffed creatures are from $2 - $7 :) please comment........ remember credit cards and checks accepted :) and i have an email address so u can also email me :)
my other creation is my headbands i have made a white one and a colorful one :) do u like the button in the middle of the colorful one? the white one is $12 and the colorful one is $11. thanks!!! your creator, ashlee 

Monday, January 31, 2011


ive made so many things im just dieing to show you!!! :) the first things are my cute little stuffed animals! :) they are perfect for kids. pretty soon i will be making dog & cat toys that are $6 and have animal fiber in them because im making them with wool which has animal fiber in it also they dog & cat toys im making are made from recycled plastic bottles and plastic bags, because animals love the sound i put them in the toys to play with also because im making wool the dogs and cats cant get into them because wool shrinks in to felt and then has no holes. i will also put sqeakers in them. :) the stuffed animals that are not for dogs & cats are $2-$5.

my last things are my awesome hats!! :) ive figured out a new pattern that is adorable!!! the beanies are $13, the brown one is $14 and the pom pom hats are $15. Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy!!