Thursday, December 30, 2010


look at all my headbands ive finished! these are great birthday presents, anytime gifts and you can even buy them yourself........ they are perfect for any occasion, party, dinner even just hanging out :)
                                $12            $13                $11              $13             $12             $12

pink & brown!!!!

another one finished!!! its pink & brown perfect for anything cute and warm. this one is $12. credit cards & chack avalible. thanks again!!!



i have so many colors waiting to be used! please suggest what colors :) i will have it done that night! i have more colors than whats up there if you like these ones please suggest. or tell me what u want then i will show u colors of yarn.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suggestions :)

Hey everyone!!! Now u can suggest what you want me to do tell me the colors that you want me to do for the headband & flower!! And now if youvwant one without the flower they are $8-$10 just suggest what color you want without the flower and I will post it on my blog and Facebook, tell me what you want & if you really want it and it's yours!! Thanks to all who have been spreading the words if you haven't please do :) thanks!!

another new headband!!!!!!!

hey everyone! i just finished a colorful, cute headband! only $12! buy now just comment,email( or come talk to me when i see u :) and remember credit cards and check accepted so no cash needed,(unless you want to pay with cash then i accept that too)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

another headband finished!!!!

i finished another one. i hope u all like it :) it fun its cute and it matches with almost everything! it is $12 but remember it worth it :)! also checks and credit cards are avalable. :)

just a reminder!

hey everyone i will  be making a new headband! just a reminder you can email me or comment on my blog if u want one. i also accept credit cards & checks. all my headbands go from $10 - $15. im makeing a new one so stay tuned!

another new headband!!!!!

hey everyone!!! finished another headband, this headband has a fun but warm look. its big around the ears so it keeps you warm. this headwarmer is $13. remember i do accept checks and credit cards. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

new headband earwarmers!!!!!

hey everyone!!! just finished two headband earwarmers.the white earwarmer is great if you want a snuggly nice fit the colorful green and blue has a soft but lose feel. the blue and green one is $11 & white one is $13.I also accept checks and credit cards. i will be posting more soon so stay tuned.