Friday, June 24, 2011


SuMmEr Is HeRe!!!! since summer is here i went to the store to get fun summer yarn colors :) so i went to micheals and found AmAzInG colors! so i wanted to start crocheting ASAP. so i found the patern i wanted and i started CrOcHeTiNg!! this is what i came up with......
these FuN and aDoRaBlE hats are so CuTe!!! they also match with EvErYtHiNg!theyre only 15$!   My little model, ellie wanted toshow them off :) >
it may look like they only fit on little 4 year olds but they actually StReTcH!! they fit any head! ( except for little babies..... sorry)

i also had FuN and made my own pattern for these aMaZiNg baby headbands!!! these go from $5-$12. but they are AdOrAbLe!! i have more i just havent taken any pictures of them.

also here's just some other pictures of some hats i have made.
< waldo hat is $12               fluffy baby hat is $12 >

     thankyou!!! love you all! - your creator Ashlee