Monday, January 31, 2011


ive made so many things im just dieing to show you!!! :) the first things are my cute little stuffed animals! :) they are perfect for kids. pretty soon i will be making dog & cat toys that are $6 and have animal fiber in them because im making them with wool which has animal fiber in it also they dog & cat toys im making are made from recycled plastic bottles and plastic bags, because animals love the sound i put them in the toys to play with also because im making wool the dogs and cats cant get into them because wool shrinks in to felt and then has no holes. i will also put sqeakers in them. :) the stuffed animals that are not for dogs & cats are $2-$5.

my last things are my awesome hats!! :) ive figured out a new pattern that is adorable!!! the beanies are $13, the brown one is $14 and the pom pom hats are $15. Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy!!




  1. Ashlee! I am so impressed! I had no idea you could make all of these awesome hats and animals too! I might have to order one of your little animals... not for my dog though, for my baby:) Lexi's headband turned out so cute! Thanks so much! -Jessy

  2. I love making them and they turn out so cute!!! :) thanks!!! Lexi would love them :) she's so cute :) I miss u guys sooooo much!!!