Sunday, May 1, 2011

ANOTHER NEW CREATION!! :) and announcements!

sorry everyone i have not been able to write because of school and life. :) so i have an announcement the past month ago i was roaming around on the Internet and i decided i wanted to join Art on the Green. for anyone who does not know what that is it is where artists and creators sign up and show off their talents! :) there's also the Taste of Coeur 'd Alene which is were resturants and food courts come and have a booth there to show their food so u can eat it. this is held downtown Coeur 'd Alene. now i probably didnt explain it that well so heres a link for those of you who have an AMAZING talent i challenge you to join something like this! :) now time to show what ive done over the past few months :) and ther is more im just saving it till art on the green. so please come it is on August 5th, 6th and 7th thats on a friday, saturday and sunday. :) here are a few of my creations :) i was taking advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather that we were haveing today! :) lets hope it stays this way! no more snow!
the first thing i would like to show off is this WONDERFUL bag :)it holds TONES of things! its great for a beach bag or even just a regular hand bag! this is only 25$:) but wait theres more!
this colorful hat is great colors for the spring and summer for only 10$. :)
i thought this hat was just so cute! i think this hat is just so styleish for any girl only 15$!

now this hat is probably on of my favorite hats that ive made for a baby boy :) this dragon baby hat is so cute on any child for only 10$:)
now i made these flowers and i have more but i made these for people who want me to add them to their hat or peice of clothing or even to a pin for their hair! these are only 2$ if u would like them just separrate but if u would like them on a hat of mine they are included. :)
the last thing i would like to show off is this adorable baby kitten hat! its purrrrrfect for any occation for only 7$. thats all for now thank you to all my followers and my family for helping this happen! :) love your creator- Ashlee


  1. ash, grandma EDK will be so proud of u
    we love u.

  2. awwww thanks lorena! :) i was thinking about her like this whole time i was making hats and bags and everything. she is my insperation! i miss her so much! i feel like if i do this it helps me bring a closer bond with her :) grandma was always so proud for what i did. and i still feel her love with me :)